Tagging Overview

For an introduction to tagging view this five minute overview. Otherwise, scroll down for a screenshot walkthrough of the tagging capabilities.

Tagging lets you focus your marketing - excluding and including very specific contacts so your message is more targeted.

Tag an individual account

To add a tag to an account simply click on "Add Tag"

Then enter your tag name. If the tag doesn't exist, you can create a new tag here.

Search for accounts with a Tag

In the accounts screen simply type tag:  and you will be presented with a list of tags to search for. Anyone matching that tag will be shown in the results.

Tag a group of accounts by segment

If you can create a segment to identify who should have a tag, you can tag everyone at once.

To do this first create a segment, here I will create a segment of customers with more than 10,000 in written premium.

In the triple dot menu on the top right, select "Tag Accounts"

Depending on the number of accounts to be tagged it can take 10 minutes to process.

Combine tags with other Segmentation Criteria

Let's find those VIP Accounts, this time searching for accounts with the VIP Customer tag. To do this, create a new segment and add a rule.

Account > Tag > Name Is VIP Customer

Tag Accounts who Complete a Form

Open up your campaign that contains your form and your sequence. Go to the sequence and add a Tag step.

Choose the tag to add and relaunch the Campaign.

Use Tags to Trigger Marketing

This is quite simple. 

Create a segment which uses your desired tag.
Create a sequence which uses this segment.
For the "Add When" event leverage the segment you created.

When customers have this tag they will be added to your sequence.

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