Adding a new page

When viewing your website dashboard, hover your mouse over the "Pages" option.

Or you can just click on "Pages" which will bring you to the list of all pages on your website.

On your pages list, you have 2 options on this page to add a new page.

Clicking on any one of these ways will get you to the new page screen.

Setting up the new page

On your new page setup, you can start by adding a title to the page.
The title of the page will also be the URL by default.

Layout options give you the ability to switch between different page formats.

  1. Default layout style will give your webpage a simple layout without any image banner in the top section.
  2. Featured layout style will display the featured image you've chosen for that page.
  3. Featured image selection option is on the right side, bottom of the list.

Setting the page as a child page

On the page editor, you can specify a parent page. It's a great way to keep page hierarchy sorted. Parent page will also show up in the URL.

Here's an example of how the url will change after picking the parent page.

Keep in mind, setting a parent page here will not automatically set it up that way in the Menu Navigation bar. It only changes the URL, you will need to edit the Navigation Menu to add the new page, if you want it to be listed on the navigation bar.
Link to how to edit your Navigation Menu

Adding content to the page

In the main content editor section, you can type up what you would like on the page.
You can also copy and paste text from a Text file that you have.

If you would like to add images to your page, Click on the 'Add Media' button right above the text editor.  

In the Media Manager window, you can click + drag the file(s) you want to upload to the website. Or you can click the 'Select Files' button to search your computer for the files you would like to add.

Maximum file size that you can upload is 3 MB.

There are 2 tabs on the media manager.

Media Library tab, will show you all the current files that you have on the website database.

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