How to Report Incorrect Events

Sometimes our event engine makes a mistake, and sometimes we need to adapt to unique customer data. Learn how to report an incorrect event.

How We Identify Incorrect Events

We identify incorrect events usually through customer reports. Our staff and you can report incorrect events per the directions below. We treat these with the highest urgency.

Common Causes for Incorrect Events

There are a couple of common reasons for incorrect events:

  • Data is not mapped correctly. In this case, there is nothing we can do to fix the event engine to solve the scenario. Instead, we'll assist you in improving your data mapping to avoid this case in the future.

  • Data is something unusual that we've never seen before. Agency Management Systems are flexible and allow many possible ways to structure the data. We can't always handle every scenario, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

How to Report an Incorrect Event

If you suspect something is off, such as:

  • You get replies to emails from customers, and the situation doesn't make sense.

  • You see events in Fuse's account activity that shouldn't be there.

The next step is to properly report the event to us. To do this:

  • Log into Fuse

  • Load the Accounts tab and find the account in question

  • Scroll through the events and find something that looks like this:

  • Click on the bug icon and complete the form:

We immediately get your request. Our development team gets to work on these types of issues almost always within 24 hours. When we correctly solve an issue we will remove anyone who was added to a sequence as a result of this.

How We Fix Incorrect Events

If an event has already happened, such as a Lost Customer event, it may be used to possibly trigger some other activity. This could be a Lost Customer Campaign. If some marketing has already been triggered, it is too late to "unsend" an email or postcard. However, once we fix the event issue we will automatically remove anyone who should have not been added to the sequence.

If an event is reported, our engineers will investigate the cause based on your report. (By reporting an event issue like instructed above, all the details our developers need to correct the problem are immediately available so we can rapidly fix the problem.)

How We Prevent an Issue From Reoccuring in the Future

Fixing an issue follows the standard Software Development Process. First, we capture the data from the report. Second, we write a test case against the data following basic logic such as: "this data set, when passed at exactly this time should not trigger a Lost Customer event." 

Then we modify the event engine until this test case passes.

The beauty of this approach is we have hundreds of test cases so that anytime we make a modification we can be sure we don't break something else that has already been tested.

Over time the system becomes more durable.