Your Marketing Dashboard is the very first screen you will see when you log into Connect.  It has been designed to help you measure both the quantity and quality of communications that are leaving your Connect software.

Click here to see our rollout video and a brief overview of your Marketing Dashboard.

A few quick tips:
Each individual 'panel' aims to give you some sort of meaningful insight and information about your Connect product and your marketing efforts (you will see a few panels outline in red below)

Inside each panel  you will also notice a '?' icon which you can click on.  That help icon will not only tell you what the metric is measuring, it will also tell you how to improve that metric.

Be sure to complete all 8 items in the 'Set up Checklist' to ensure you are getting the most out of your Connect system.

Feel like there is a metric you would love to see on the dashboard that is currently not there?  Please send us a Chat Message - we are always looking for feedback and ways to make our products better for you.

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