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What Happens to Contacts When They Fill Out My Fuse Forms?
What Happens to Contacts When They Fill Out My Fuse Forms?
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Are you wondering what happens to contacts when they fill out your Fuse forms?

Let's find out!

When Non-Customers Fill Out Fuse Forms

When someone fills out a Fuse form, that contact is added to your Agency Revolution Fuse database. They're considered to be a "disconnected" contact because they did not enter Fuse by way of integration.

There is a visual indication next to a customer record in Fuse, indicating they're a "disconnected contact." You will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation next to their name. When you mouse over that icon, the words "disconnected" will display, indicating this contact entered your Fuse account by way of a Fuse form.

This new contact will not push back into your management system. If you later enter the contact as a customer in your database, so long as you use the same email address that was supplied when the contact filled out the form when adding the customer to your management system, it will then merge the disconnected contact data with your newly added data from your management system when we receive that data by way of integration.

When Customers Fill Out Fuse Forms

If your current customer fills out the form with the same email address we have in Fuse, the records will merge on that email address, and the additional data supplied in the form will be connected to that existing record. 

If the current customer fills out a Fuse form with a different email address than the one we have for them in Fuse, a new "disconnected" record will be generated. 

If multiple contacts in Fuse use the same email address that is supplied when your current customer fills out a Fuse form, Fuse will merge the form data into the first record that Fuse encounters sharing that email address. It is important to be mindful of this.

Have further questions? Please send us a Chat Message using the chat icon located in the upper right-hand corner of Fuse. We are always looking for feedback and ways to make our products better for you.

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