Sometimes its extremely  helpful to be able to export a list out of Connect.


Imagine being able to hand a producer a list of all their clients with no emails so that information could be updated...

Imagine being able to give a CSR a list of fields that needed updating inside your Agency Management System...

Imagine letting your team see a list of clients that were about to receive a specific email campaign...

Imagine a clean data in your agency management system...

The usefulness of this feature is endless! So how is it done?

Once you are inside Connect.  Click on the "Accounts Tab" and chose the segment you wish to export.  Once you have chosen the segment.  Click on the three dots on the right hand side and select 'Export This Segment' in the drop down menu.

Once you have clicked on it - you will see a pop up at the bottom of your page:

As soon as the export is ready you will see a pop up message from your in-app chat:

Simply click on the message and it will open up the chat with a link for you to download your list:

It will then take you to the download page and give you your CSV file:

Now you have that list 'hot off the press' in your 'downloads' - pass it off to your team to do great things!

For a complete list of fields that will be in that CSV file - please click here.

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