To add a new page to the website, after you're logged into the website.

Hover your mouse on "Pages" on the admin bar at the top of the page.
That will make a drop down appear with more options.

Click on "Add New Page" to start the process of setting up a new page.

On the "Page Details" tab, the following options will be available.

Page Name: will be the name that shows up in the Navigation Menu ( If you choose to add it there) The page name will also be the URL to that page.

Example: Page Name = New type of insurance, URL will be /new-type-of-insurance

Page Title: Usually 50 to 60 characters, that way most of the title will show up in search engines.

Page Description: Is the short explanation that search engines will display for that page.

Keywords: There has been some changes to search engines that make this field irrelevant , as the search engines now get the keywords from page name, url, page content.

Tags: This is an advanced feature setup for websites that have the tag system built out.

Parent Page: This is a way to make the page show up in specific drop down menu's on the Navigation Menu. This also effects the URL structure.

Example: Selected Parent Page "Personal" would cause the URL of the new page to be /personal/new-type-of-insurance

Insert Page: Is the option to select where in the drop down menu the new page would show up.

Template Folder: Is not used.

Page Template: Is not used.

Include In Menu: When checked, the page will show up in the navigation menu.
When the box is Unchecked the page will be a hidden page, and not show up on any of the menu's for the website.

All new pages will default to be Admin only for viewing permissions.

If you would like to change that when you make the new page, at the top there is the "Permissions" tab

If the checkbox next to "All Users" is checked, after the page is created, it will be able to be visited by everyone.

If you would like to have the page stay Admin only until everything has been setup.

You can change the permissions at a different time. By going to the page you want to change to public, hovering the mouse cursor over the "Edit Page" on the upper righthand corner, and select the option of "Page Permissions"

Check the box next to All Users - In the view page column, and update the page to make it a public page.

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