To create a shortcode for your Wordpress website you will need to use the Shortcode Generator in the "Tools" tab located in the top right hand corner of the Wordpress admin.

You can paste the embed code that you have in the first field.

Then click on the Generate button, and a second field will show up with the shortcode that you can copy and paste onto your wordpress site.

You can paste the shortcode on any page on your website.

Sometimes some video, forms, and some widgets hosting services have multiple versions of embed codes. If one of them doesn't work it's possible we've created a  shortcode for one of the embed code types.

We don't have built in support for all different types of embed codes, when there is an embed code that doesn't convert into a shortcode, you can email us at

We will create a shortcode for the embed code that you need.

If you have a youtube video you would like to add to the website, youtube videos don't need a shortcode to be used on the website.

For youtube videos you can paste the direct URL to the video in the content section on any page, and it will automatically add the video into the page.

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