This article walks you through how to set up Hawksoft integration. You will walk through these steps On your Welcome Call with your Implementation Specialist.

When on the System Integration page, click on the Red circle on the lower right hand corner.
Which will give you a list of Management systems to choose from.
Once you find HawkSoft, Click on 'Setup'

After you click Setup, you'll be brought to a screen that looks like this:

If this is a second list or a list associated with a specific location  - start by giving it a unique 'List Name'.

Next step is to click on Setup Notifications.

That will give you a 7 step 'Wizard' for you to follow.

The first step (1/7) on the 'Setup Notifications' has some information about the HawkSoft Integration.

Let’s get started with Hawksoft integration. Hawksoft Integration relies on an application that you will download and install on your computer. Once the application is setup you can configure the windows Task Scheduler to automatically launch it or you can run by hand. The application will fetch your Hawksoft database, detect changes and send those changes to Agency Revolution.

Before beginning, please be aware that you may need local administrative permissions to install the Sync application. Consult your IT department for assistance. Let’s get started!

After reading the information, you can click on the red 'Next' button on the lower right of the screen.

On the second step 2/7 

Cloud Option

Pick the Cloud option.

That will bring up a pop up window with more information


After adding the information to your HawkSoft.

You can click beside the pop up window to close it, or the 'Got It' button at the bottom of the pop up window.

Step 3/7

Step 4/7

Step 5/7

Step 6/7

This step will automatically connect with your HawkSoft setup and fetch the data that it can get. After all the previous steps were completed.

Step 7/7

Setup Hawksoft Notification And Download

Once completed, Integration steps are done. Now you can work on setting up mapping of the data.

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