Epic Report Won't Upload to Fuse

What to do if your Epic file fails to upload.

If your Epic report fails to upload, please check the following:

Is Your File in XLSX Format?

Fuse accepts Epic reports in Microsoft Excel Workbook format only.  If your file is in the right format, it will have the xlsx extension (example: AR_PolicyList_Report.xlsx ). One common mistake is running the file as a CSV instead (example: AR_PolicyList_Report.csv ), in which case it will fail to upload.

This can be corrected in Epic by going to your report setup and clicking "Delivery Options." There, you can select the file type for your recurring report.

Are Any Required Fields Missing?

Fuse integration requires certain fields to be in each report, without which it cannot process and integrate your data.  If your report is missing one or more of the required fields, it will fail to upload.

If this is the case, Fuse will prompt you with a message on the upload screen, showing a list of fields that are missing from your report. For step-by-step instructions on setting up the required reports, please see our complete setup instructions here.

Did You Add the Missing Fields in Epic but Fuse Still Says They're Missing?

Epic might still be trying to run the old version of the report (the version that was missing fields) instead of the new/updated version.

To resolve this problem:

  1. In Epic, go to Procedures > Job Management > Jobs

  2. Locate the Job where the "Job Name" matches the name of the report in question (for example: "AR_PolicyList_Report") and cancel it.

  3. Close the "Procedures" window and go back to "MyReports" 

  4. Go to the report in question and change the scheduled time to "Run now", then run the report.

  5. Try uploading the report you just ran to Fuse.  Did it work? If not, then your report Layout is missing fields, but if so then...

  6. Go back to your report in Epic and set a schedule for it to run daily.  Now that the old version has been deleted from Epic's scheduled jobs, your new, updated report should run as a daily job instead.

Still Having Problems?

If you've already double-checked the important points above and are still experiencing a problem with your Epic report upload, please contact us for further support!