How to Clone Campaigns and Sequences

Learn how to copy/duplicate a campaign or a sequence

Why Clone a Campaign?

Campaign cloning allows you to:

  • Duplicate the same content for a new segment of customers

  • Re-run an old/completed campaign

  • Restart a campaign from scratch if you made a mistake with the first attempt

For example, you could clone your "Home no Auto" cross-sell campaign and easily change the clone into an "Auto no Home" cross-sell.

Campaign Cloning Steps:

  1. From the campaign overview, click the 3-dot menu & choose "Clone Campaign":

2. Fuse immediately takes you to the newly cloned version (you'll notice all Sequence titles say "COPIED"). Now edit your sequence names & message content to fit the needs of your new version (e.g. - change "Home no Auto" to "Auto no Home", etc.)

3. Change the target segment within each sequence if your new version is meant for a different group of people.

4. Edit the message content to fit your new version.
5. Launch your new campaign!

Why Clone a Sequence?

You can also clone specific sequences within a campaign.

This allows you to:

  • Run multiple versions of a sequence with minor differences
    (e.g. - A "Home no Auto" campaign with branch-specific sequences like "Home no Auto - North Branch" and "Home no Auto - South Branch", with slightly different, branch-specific content)

  • Segment your target list into smaller chunks
    (e.g. - One sequence for last names A-M which runs one month, and another for last names N-Z which runs the next month).

Pro Tip: Sequences retain their sequence type when being cloned. For example, you can NOT change a date sequence to a step sequence by cloning. However, before launching the clone you CAN change other factors like the event triggers, anchor dates, and segments targeted.

Sequence Cloning Steps:

  1. From within the sequence, click "Options", then "Clone Sequence".

2. Give the clone a new name and click "Clone"

3. Change the target segment as needed.

4. Edit the message content to fit your new version.
5. When ready, click "Apply Edits" from the campaign summary screen to launch.
Note: Your new sequence (the clone you just created) will not be live until you click "Apply Edits."