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Advanced Segments: Building Segments with Relative Dates

Want to target senior citizens, customers on their 5th year anniversary, or anyone based on a time since date?

If you're trying to target a group of accounts since a specific date, then you're in the right place. With the Relative Dates filter options, you can choose any date field and target based on the number of days or years since that date.

Let's walk through an example.

Targeting Customers on Their 5th Year Anniversary

The first thing we'll do is create a new Segment. Navigate to the Accounts page and select "Add Segment" and then click "Advanced":

Since we're targeting customers based on how long they've been with you, we'll add a new Account Field and choose Anniversary Date. If you were to target based on Birthday or Policy Date, this is where you would choose that field. 

  1. Choose Account

  2. Enter In "Customer Since"

  3. In the Relative Section, choose "More than"

  4. Change the Days drop-down to "Years"

  5. Enter "5" and Hit "Ok"

It's a good idea to have one more criteria, to make sure these are still current customers. To do this add another criteria: Account > Status = Active.

Now your segment is filtering to active customers who have been with you for at least 5 years!

Broadcasting a Message

Now that you have created your segment, you can send a broadcast message. These messages are great for one-off emails or postcards. If you wanted to send a message to these customers, locate the segment on the Accounts page. Then, on the bottom right corner simply click the arrow icon>>Send Email:

Using the Segment in a Campaign

If you wanted to make sure every account receives this message on their 5th Year Anniversary, create a new Ongoing Sequence and use this segment for your Audience.