There are two different ways to automatically add people to your marketing campaigns:

  1.  Trigger Points - These are specific, pre-defined events that Fuse can detect in your customer's life-cycle. 
  2. Segment Matches - After creating unique Account Segments based on your own desired criteria, customers can be added to campaigns when they match a chosen segment.

In this article you will learn about using Segment Matches for campaign automation.

To learn about using Trigger Points, click here.

Before you start

One Quick note: During your first integration sync we won't detect any events. This allows Connect to obtain all of your existing data first, and ensure it has a complete customer history before it begins to detect events based on changes that occur in the account going forward.

Using Custom Segment-Matches to Automate Campaigns

You can define segments using the segment builder to identify anyone who you may want to automate marketing to. First, define your segment. Let's illustrate this with an example: We want to automatically send Personal Clients who spend at least $8,000 in premium a year.

Open Campaign Settings

Create your segment

Click edit on the Segments option and define your criteria. In our case we'll create criteria to limit target Personal Lines customers who spend $8,000 in premium a year.

In the end our Segmentation criteria looks like this

Finally select the segment that you've chosen.

Making it run automatically

Now that your criteria is set up you need to tell the system to add new customers who match this criteria to the campaign. You may also want to automatically remove them when they no longer match the criteria

Head back to the Sequence Settings and change Add When to Match Segments. This tells the system when the segment you selected "High Net Worth Personal" is matched that we'll add those matching accounts to this sequence automatically.

Now that you're up to speed on using Segment Matches for your campaigns, click here to learn about using Trigger Points.

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