TAM: How Fuse Chooses a Primary Contact

Is the "Primary Contact" the same thing in TAM and Fuse? What if I don't use Contacts in TAM or don't indicate the Primary in TAM?

Whether or not you choose to use them, we will import all contacts we find in TAM. We will also create a "Primary Contact" in Fuse.  The name and other details of the Primary Contact depend on your choices.

How Does Fuse Decide on a Primary Contact?

This depends on two things:

  1. Your TAM Name Mapping selections

  2. What you enter in TAM

Your Name Mapping Choices

One of your list setup steps in Fuse is to "Optimize TAM Name Mapping."  In this step, you will tell us where to look for your primary customer names.  We will look at your preferred source first.  If blank, we will look at your fallback source.

The source options from TAM are:

  • Customer > "Name" field

  • Customer > "Hdg" field

  • Customer > "Attn" field

  • Primary Contact

If you choose fields from TAM's Customer Screen as both the preferred source AND fallback source, then your Primary Contacts in Fuse will only/always be derived from the data on TAM's Customer Screen (this is helpful for those of you who have old, unreliable, or sparse data in TAM's Contacts section.)

Primary Contact Logic

If you choose "Primary Contact" as either the preferred or fallback source, we will use the following logic to identify which of TAM's Contacts is the Primary:

  1. If there is only one contact, this will be Fuse's Primary.

  2. If there are multiple contacts and one says "Primary" in the Contact Indicator field, this will become Fuse's Primary.

  3. If there are multiple contacts but none say "Primary" in the Contact Indicator field, we will try to find which one is the Insured.

  4. If no contact has the "Primary" Contact Indicator and we can't identify the insured, we will still import your contacts but none will be identified as the Primary.

For more in-depth details, including where these fields are found in TAM and how we choose an email address and birthday in relation to the name selection, click here.