Email Summary

What are email summaries and how do I enter them?

What is an email summary?

Email summaries are used by some clients and can be helpful to get your messages opened. They can be useful in some cases, but may not be visible to all users in all templates.

When a preview is rendered, if you have an email summary, we will tell the Email Client to use the summary text you provide. However, not all email systems implement this.

In some email systems, including the specific configuration of Microsoft Outlook, the summary is visible below the subject line:

Where can the email summary be found in Fuse?

You can find the email summary at the bottom of the email builder. It can also be found in some of our email templates.

What makes a good email summary?

  • Don't use clever language, there is not enough room.

  • You have 5-8 words of space available

  • Be direct, tell the person either what the email is for

  • Summarize why they received the message if it's your first communication. For example, if the email is in response to a website form, then say "In response to your quote request."