What this component does

This component makes it easy to create a compelling link to a YouTube video. YouTube is full of great insurance and protection related content. And YouTube makes it easy to add your own content to your own channel. So easy you can probably do it from your phone right now.

How to add a YouTube Video

If you're not editing an email - first bring up the Email Builder and get started.

To use this component first click on the YouTube component icon in the Email Builder

A dialog will open up asking for your YouTube URL. Copy any URL from the youtube.com domain name and paste it here. It needs to be copied from the source - not from a site that hosts YouTube remotely. (If you are viewing a remote YouTube video, click on the YouTube icon in the video to access the URL directly on YouTube itself.)

After pasting the URL you can see the preview of the video. We will embed this in your email. When a user clicks on your sent email they will be redirected to view this on YouTube.

We will render the image in your email - and link to the video. Both the mobile and desktop version of your email will be responsive with the video link.

Can I add videos from other sources?

Yes, but not with this component. To do this, capture a screenshot of your video on a third party site. Use the Image Component to embed the image in your email. Then use the Link icon to link this image to the site where the user can watch the video.

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