Using Specific Merge Fields

Policy specific merge fields can be useful when you want to communicate about a specific policy. But the system needs to know which policy you are referring to in order to make the policy merge fields available.

There are two ways to do this - plus a bonus third way.

1. Policy Events

If your sequence is triggered by a policy event such as Policy Renewed or Policy Added, we will know the communication is about one specific policy. You can even combine this with a Segment to filter to a narrower set of policies. 

2. Date Sequences with Policy Dates

By using a Date Sequence and triggering your communication around a specific Policy Date Field we can use the related policy merge fields. For example, you could use a Policy > Expiration Date as the date field for a renewal campaign and target your communication prior to renewal.

3. Active Policies Component

Active Policies Component

The most flexible way to merge in Policy fields is the Active Policies Component. This component will show a full list of all Active Policies. It is available in any email and references the account's active policies.