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Why Are Emails From Fuse Not Reaching My Inbox?
Why Are Emails From Fuse Not Reaching My Inbox?

What to do if emails from Fuse are not reaching your team's inboxes.

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The Problem

Emails from Fuse are not showing up in your team's inboxes.

Some spam blockers or firewalls automatically block any incoming email that was sent by an outside mail server (like Fuse) but appears to be sent from your own domain (based on the "Send From" address.)

In simple terms, your mail server may receive an email that looks like it's coming from you but was actually sent by our mail server and it will think, "That email says it's from me, but I don't remember sending it, so I don't trust it!"

This blocking behavior is not necessarily bad.  It is meant to block emails sent by hackers and spammers who hack their emails to look like they came from you when they really didn't.

Unfortunately, this logic can also mistakenly block emails that Fuse has sent on your behalf, with your permission.

In some cases, you may also find that your internal email steps (which are sent by are not reaching your team. This may be due to the high volume (and similarity) of internal emails being sent to your team from Fuse campaigns, which may trigger some spam filters to think your team is being spammed by Fuse.

The Solution

Whitelist all emails from Fuse.  

Different spam blocking tools have different ways to whitelist a sender. Most will allow you to whitelist all email sent from our mail server's IP Address. This is the ideal and preferred method. If you're able to do this, click here the button below for a list of the IP Addresses to whitelist.  

If you're unable to whitelist IP's, try whitelisting all email from your own domain, and from 

If you need assistance understanding how your own spam blocking service works, or how to allow emails from Fuse to be delivered, please contact your spam blocking service provider directly for support.

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