Commercial vs Personal Accounts

Fuse obtains name field values differently depending on whether an Account is Personal or Commercial Lines. This is determined by what types of policies the account has.

In the event that an Account has both Commercial and Personal Policies, Fuse will use the Commercial Account logic.

Important Name Fields

The key name-related fields for the Primary Contact in Fuse are:

  • Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Business Name

Each of these fields is stored at the "Account" level in Fuse.  Below are short descriptions of the logic Fuse uses to choose a name for each of these fields.

Fuse Account  > Name

  • If Epic's [Account Name] is populated, Fuse uses that value

  • If Epic's [Account Name] is blank, then:

    • For Personal Accounts: Fuse uses the combined [FirstName] + [LastName] values from Epic's "Primary" Contact

    • For Commercial Accounts: Fuse uses the [BusinessName] value from Epic's "Main Business Contact"

Fuse Account > First Name
Fuse Account > Last Name

  • For Personal Accounts: Fuse uses the [First Name] and [Last Name] values from Epic's "Primary" Contact

  • For Commercial Accounts:

    • Fuse uses the [First Name] and [Last Name] from Epic's "Main Business Contact". (This works if the "Main Business Contact" is set up as an "Individual" in Epic.)

    • If the "Main Business Contact" in Epic in not an "Individual" or if its [First Name] and [Last Name] are empty, then Fuse uses the [First Name] and [Last Name] from Epic's "Primary" Contact instead (This requires the "Primary" Contact to be an "Individual" that is separate from the "Main Business Contact").

  • Alternative for Commercial Accounts: Always use [First Name] and [Last Name] from the "Primary" Contact in Epic.

    • If this alternative logic is enabled: For Commercial Accounts, Fuse will ignore the "Main Business Contact" and always use the [First Name] and [Last Name] from "Primary" Contact in Epic. If you'd like Fuse to use this logic for your Accounts, please contact support to request it.

Please Note: For Commercial Lines Accounts in Epic, either the "Main Business Contact" or a separate "Primary Contact" should be an "Individual" (not a Business) with a First Name and Last Name. This is the only reliable/consistent way for integration to discern which Contact's First & Last Name should be used.

Fuse Account > Company Name

  • For PL Accounts: This field is left empty

  • For CL Accounts: Fuse uses the [Business Name] value from Epic's "Main Business Contact".

Additional (Secondary) Contacts

If the customer has any additional Contacts (those that are not the Primary or Main Business Contact) Fuse will create corresponding "Additional Contacts" (also known in Fuse as "Secondary Contacts") including their First Name, Last Name, and Name values.

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