Perhaps you wanted to know what the system is doing, or perhaps you want to keep a copy of all emails for archival purposes. We have two tools to help you:

  1. The Outbox, which lets you review all email messages before being sent.

  2. BCC, which stands for "blind carbon copy," which copies you on all outbound emails. In this article, we will cover the BCC feature.

How to Set It Up

For any email that you want a BCC of, just open the email builder and click on the "Add BCC Recipient" link:

Once there you can configure who you want the BCC sent to. You can choose the Account Rep or Producer, or a specific employee:

If the employee you're looking for is not on the list, first create a user.

What BCC's Look Like

When you receive a BCC in your email, it will look like a normal email that Fuse sends with a few minor differences. 

From Address

BCC emails are sent from

Subject Line
We'll add [Fuse BCC] to the subject to make it easy for you to filter.

Unsubscribe Link
The unsubscribe link will be removed from the bottom of the email. This is to prevent confusion with the recipient who gets the email. If a BCC recipient hits unsubscribe, would they be removing themselves (disabling BCC) or the original recipient from all future emailing? To avoid that confusion we removed the link completely.

Link and Open Tracking
This probably would go unnoticed, however, we disabled link tracking and open tracking with BCC emails to prevent any skewed statistics.

Message Header
We wanted to make it easy for you to take action when you see the email. So at the top of the BCC email, we have a small header which displays who the message was intended for, a link to open their account in Fuse where you can easily remove them from a campaign, and a link to the blast or sequence message that is linked to the exact copy of the email so you can quickly edit it.

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