First, Please Note:

  1. All new fields listed here are optional!  Please add fields to your reports only if you plan to use them.
  2. If you choose to add new fields, please add them to the correct report:
    - Policy fields belong in the Policy List Report.
    - Client/Account fields belong in the Client List Report.

Newly Supported Fields

  • Policy > Branch Name
  • Policy > Branch Code
  • Policy > Agency Name
  • Policy > Department Name
  • Policy > Department Code
  • Client > Branch Name
  • Client > Branch Code
  • Client > Account Name

Fields Combined in Fuse

  • Fuse now combines Epic's [Branch Name] and [Branch Code] into a single [Branch] value.  For example, if the [Branch Name] is Northern and the [Branch Code] is NOR, Fuse's [Branch] field will contain Northern - NOR .  This is true at both the account level and the policy level.
  • In the same way, Fuse now combines Epic's policy-level [Department Name] and [Department Code] into a single, policy-level [Department] value.

Updates to Name Mapping

  • If you choose to include [Account Name] in your Client List Report, Fuse will now import its value directly to the Account > [Name] field.
  • If any Account does not have an [Account Name] value (if the field is empty or if you leave the field out of your Client List Report) Fuse will fall back to its pre-existing name mapping logic.

Complete Instructions

If you're comfortable with Epic's report builder and familiar with your reports, that's all you need to know to move forward!

If you'd like a more detailed walk-through of the entire report setup process, including complete lists of all supported fields (both required and optional) and where to find them in Epic's Layout Builder, please see our Epic Report Instructions.

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