Advanced Form Properties

We've tucked some properties into the embed code for the advanced webmaster

Warning: the audience for this document is your webmaster, not insurance agents. Modifying these properties can be controlled in the user interface in the form settings and only a technical user should override them with properties on the Embed code.

When working with a Fuse form you have the option to configure this form in various ways. Once the form embed code is given to your webmaster they can further override and enhance the code to make it look beautiful on your website. These properties, when modified by your webmaster, will override the settings on the form.

If your website has a dark background you may want to change the text theme. There are two options here "light" or "dark" to control the text color.

Display Mode
Display mode has two properties with boolean values that affect how the form fields are displayed.

Confirmation Option
There are two types of form Confirmations. Redirect to a webpage and a popup with text. Possible values are "CONFIRMATION_TEXT" and "REDIRECT_TO_WEBSITE"

Confirmation Text
If CONFIRMATION_TEXT is your Confirmation Option then enter the text to display as a string here.

Redirect URL

After the user completes the form we can redirect them to a thank-you page on your website. Enter the URL as the property value here. Requires Confirmation Option value of "REDIRECT_TO_WEBSITE"

Parent CSS
This is a string that injects the CSS files from the webpage the form is on into the Form Iframe. This is an experimental way to maintain the styling of the form with your website - your results may vary.

Submit Button Text
This should be a string that overrides the text that appears on the submit button