Behavior of Activating and Deactivating Quick Start Campaigns

What happens when you re-activate a Quick Start campaign that was previously active

Imagine you've activated your Quick Start Campaign: New Customer Welcome Campaign. After running it for a few months you decide to deactivate it. You are then ready to activate it again a month later, and you're wondering:

Will the customer who was supposed to receive message #3 a month ago get that message tomorrow?

The answer to this question depends on how long the campaign was paused and what type of campaign it is.

We've designed the system to minimize embarrassment. It's impossible to satisfy every scenario, so we made some decisions that work for most scenarios and minimize the situations where messages go out so late they don't quite make sense anymore.

  • Event-Triggered Campaigns that use Steps and have been paused for more than 2 weeks will not resume messages for existing subscribers.

  • Event-Triggered Campaigns that use Dates will resume for all subscribers.

  • All Ongoing Campaigns that use Dates or Steps will resume for all subscribers.