Imagine this: You're in Hawksoft and you run a quote for a new prospect. Agency Revolution automatically sends out a message to let them know you're working on it. Underwriting is on the case, another ping goes out to your customer. The policy is bound now and your sales communication stops. Or the customer rejects the quote and you nurture them for the next 12 months!

With our integration update, we can trigger marketing based on the Policy Status and Sub Status. And when the status changes, we can automatically stop those messages.

Here's How to Do It

  1. Create a new campaign and step sequence in Fuse

  2. For your audience type, choose "In The Future"

  3. Choose an "Add Event Trigger"

  4. Scroll down to the policy selection and select "Hawksoft Policy Status Change"

  5. You'll now be presented with these options:

It's a good idea to add a "Remove Event Trigger" so when the status changes again you can stop marketing.

What Could You Use This Trigger For?

  1. When policies are canceled due to non-payment

  2. When a policy is moving through your quoting process

  3. When you lose a prospect to a competitor, continue to nurture

  4. Trigger internal communication when the policy status changes for workflow purposes

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