Fuse's Internal Email Sender

Who do internal emails send from? Who is system@notify.agencyrevolution.com? Why is this address used? Can I change it?


As of 5/16/19, all internal emails will now be sent to your team members from system@notify.agencyrevolution.com


This update helps to ensure that your internal emails are successfully delivered to your team's inboxes!

More Details

Internal emails are emails sent from Fuse campaigns to one of your Fuse users (your "internal" employees.)

Domain Spoofing is the method we use to send emails from Fuse in such a way that they actually appear to come from your domain.  

Fuse only "spoofs" your email domain with your express permission, which is formalized (from a functional, technical perspective) when you create a special "SPF" record in your own domain name settings (DNS).

Sadly, spammers and hackers sometimes try to send messages that look like they come from you, too. They're trying to trick you into opening a malicious message!  The big difference is: they don't have your permission to send on your behalf, and you haven't created an SPF record that gives them that permission.

Many spam filters now have "Anti-Spoofing" policies in an attempt to block these malicious senders.  Unfortunately, some of these filters can't tell the difference between an email that spoofed your domain with your permission vs. one that maliciously spoofed your domain without permission.  As a result, your spam filter may "throw the baby out with the bathwater" and start blocking all of the internal emails sent by Fuse.

Note: This "anti-spoofing" problem only affects emails sent FROM your own domain TO your own domain. It does not have any effect on emails sent to your prospects and customers.

Some spam filters allow you to "whitelist" Fuse's mail server IP, which ensures that internal notifications sent on behalf of your own domain would not be blocked. However, some spam filters do not have the right functionality to differentiate a malicious spoofer from a valid/approved spoofer (such as Fuse).

To solve this problem, Fuse is now sending ALL internal emails from system@notify.agencyrevolution.com, which completely avoids any potential blockage based on your spam filter’s Anti-Spoofing policies.

To Sum It Up

This update helps to ensure that your internal emails are successfully delivered to your team's inboxes!