All About the Engagement Score

What is the Engagement Score? How is the Engagement Score calculated? What is a good Engagement Score?

What is the Engagement Score?

Your Engagement Score is a quick snapshot of how well you're doing at communicating with your customers.

There is no perfect rule dictating exactly how often you should communicate with every customer, but it's important not to over or under-communicate.  With that in mind, a good general guideline to follow is that 1 to 2 emails per month (with an occasional spike at key points in the relationship) can help your customers feel engaged without becoming annoyed.

The Engagement Score tells you how closely your activity matches up with this goal.  

How is Engagement Score Calculated?

The Engagement Score ranges from 0 at the lowest, to 2 at the highest.

This number indicates roughly how many emails you're sending per active customer per month, with a max of 2 emails counted per customer (some customers may be sent more than 2 during a given month, but we only count up to 2 per customer so that occasional spikes don't skew the average.)

The exact calculation is:

  • The sum of all emails you've sent to your active customers in the past 30 days (with one exception: if any customer was sent more than 2 emails, we only count 2 of them).

  • Divided by the total number of active customers in your list.

The result (your score) is the average number of emails sent per active customer over the past 30 days, with a max of 2 emails counted per customer.

What Is a Good Engagement Score?

There is no such thing as a perfect score, but a score between 1 and 2 is generally considered a good score.