High-Level Overview

When a user clicks on an NPS score on the landing page, there are two possible flows:

  1. If your agency has an NPS of 65 or higher, we ask everyone for a Google Review
  2. If your agency has an NPS lower than 65, we do not ask for a review

Standard Flow Overview

If you're just launching the NPS Campaign, this is the flow that your users will experience. Once your NPS score eclipses 65, we'll automatically ask everyone to leave a review. (See below)

Google Review Flow Overview

For this flow to be activated, you first need to turn on your NPS campaign and run it until your NPS score is greater than 65. If you have a low NPS score, please contact us for advice on how to improve this number.

In this flow, everyone will be asked to leave a review on Google, even those who gave you a score of 1. This is by design. Google does not allow selectively asking people to leave a review on Google. 

We believe this is the correct approach: authentic reviews are good for users, and therefore, as long as your review is authentic they will not be removed from Google.

The above is a visual representation of the NPS landing page process. It is designed to generate more online reviews. Below we dive into each step in more detail.

NPS Email

With your Net Promoter Score survey, users are asked to score your agency between 0 and 10 via an email like this:


If a user leaves a 9 or a 10, we deliver a promoter-specific landing page.

Promoter Landing Page

Here we encourage the user to leave feedback. These testimonials are captured in Fuse for later use. 

Google Review Page
If you're using the Google Review flow, then we'll prompt all users, even those who gave you a low mark, to leave a review on Google.

What's Next?
The promoters can be identified in Fuse for further marketing follow-up. It is possible to use Fuse to customize your own Referral or Reviews campaign based on these users.

Neutrals and Detractors

If someone leaves a seven or eight (Neutral) or a zero to six (Detractor) we encourage them to leave feedback so your agency can learn.

If the user left feedback, they are then sent to this thank-you page:

We strongly recommend that you follow-up with all NPS feedback.

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NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

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