High level overview

With your Net Promoter Score survey, users are asked to score your agency between 0 and 10 via an Email like this.

The above is a visual representation of the NPS landing page process. It is designed to generate more online reviews. Below we dive into each step in more detail.


If a user leaves a nine or a 10, we deliver a promoter specific landing page.

Promoter Landing Page

Here we encourage the user to leave feedback. These testimonials are captured in Fuse for later use. 

Review Request

If someone leaves feedback they are then asked to leave a review on Google Reviews

Google Review Page
The Google Review is simple and easy to use on mobile. It prompts the promoter to share a review like this.

Whats next?
The promoters can be identified in Fuse for further marketing follow-up. It is possible to use Fuse to customize your own Referral or Reviews campaign based on these users.


Neutrals and Detractors

If someone leaves a seven or eight (Neutral) or a zero to six (Detractor) we encourage them to leave feedback so your agency can learn.

If the user left feedback they are then sent to this thank- you page.

We strongly recommend that you follow-up with all NPS feedback.

NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

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