Editing the Navigation Menu to Remove Pages

This is a short video that covers how to Add, Remove, and Reorganize your navigation menu.

Note: Removing page(s) from the Navigation Menu will not prevent search engines from finding the page(s).

Explanation with images and text

In your Wordpress Dashboard, move your mouse cursor over the 'Appearance' option, and there will be 2 options to pick from, select 'Menus'.

Within the menus editor, you can select between the Footer menu and the Main menu.
In this example, Main Navigation will be chosen.
In the Pages section, you can click on the boxes to mark which pages you would like to add to the menu.
After you've selected which pages you want, click the 'Add to Menu' button, and the pages will be added to the bottom of the menu structure list.

In the 'Pages' section where you can select the pages to add.
There are 3 columns: 

  1. Most Recent - Newest pages added to the website will be at the top of the list.
  2. View all - Will let you browse all pages on the website.
  3. Search - You can search for a specific page.

Once you've added a page to the menu structure, it will show up at the bottom of the list.

In this example, Insurance Quotes has been added.

You can click+drag the page to where you would like in the menu structure.

After setting the page in the location you want, click Save Menu. You will be able to see the updated menu when you view the main website interface.

Menu structure setup

You can nest the pages under the main menu navigation options, so they show up on the drop down menu.

  1. Top level - Shows on main navigation bar.
  2. Second level - Will show up on the drop down when the mouse cursor is over the main navigation option.
  3. Third level - Will nest the pages under the second level.

Here's what that would look like on the main website interface.
*Note: This demo platform is using Fast Track theme.

More menu options

There is a down arrow on the right side of the pages, which will give you more options for the page.

In the expanded options, you can rename the label that shows up in the navigation menu.
*Note: Changing navigation label does not affect the URL.

You can also remove the page form the menu structure in the expanded options.

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