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Postcard Frequently Asked Questions
Postcard Frequently Asked Questions
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How much is it to send a postcard?
US $0.75 per postcard for US delivery
(US $0.99 cent surcharge for delivery to Canada or outside US)

How big are the postcards?
They are 'normal' USPS postcard size 4" x 6"

How do I pay for them?
You can purchase Fuse Credits in advance, and you can keep your card on file with us to purchase credits as needed.

How will I know when my credits are running low and where can I see the status?
If you use the auto-refill option we'll automatically keep your account funded and charge you for more credits as needed. If you choose not to use this feature we'll send you an alert by SMS if you're out of credits.

What happens to my campaigns if there is a postcard step but my credits have run out?
We'll keep your pending postcards in a queue. You can manage these on the Billing page. If you choose to cancel these postcards, you can do so from here. If you fund your account we'll automatically send the pending postcards.

Is there a volume discount?
Not at this time.  With enough usage, we may be able to offer tiered pricing at a later date.

Can I send a broadcast mailing?

Which campaigns include postcards?
We're in the process of adding optional postcard steps into the system. However, you will notice we do have several postcard templates you can choose from to get you started.

How long does it take for postcards to be delivered?
Postcards are sent from mail centers around the United States. It can take up to a week to receive a postcard.

Is there a special price for postcards sent outside the US?
Yes. Postcards going to Canada are US $ .99 each.

Do my postcard credits have an expiration date?
They do not expire, however, they are also non-refundable. 

Will the system send duplicate postcards if a client is in a segment twice due to multiple accounts? 

Yes! Please be careful!  Unfortunately, because addresses can be written so many ways (Dr. can be Drive. Ste can be Suite) it would be very difficult to screen for duplicates and remove them.

What is the deadline to have postcards printed on the same day?
10:00 AM PST

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