In this video you will learn how to setup a policy renewal campaign from scratch. If you prefer, you can simply use this campaign as a template from the Campaign Library.

Keys to a Policy Renewal Campaign

Sequence information

  • Choose a Date Sequence based on an Account Field
  • The Account Field needs to be Policy > Effective Date 
  • Run Annually  should be chosen so that this campaign runs year after year. Otherwise it will only run for the current policies and not a second time upon renewal.

Sequence Settings

  • Segment should isolate Policy > Is Active = true  and the specific Client Type  in this case we are targeting Commercial You can adjust your targets to anything you like to isolate which clients you want to communicate with.
  • Add When  event needs to be Match Segments 
  • Remove When event needs to be Not Match Segments 
  • Once Per Policy  must be selected otherwise
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