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How Pausing a Sequence Affects the Timing
How Pausing a Sequence Affects the Timing
Pausing date and normal sequences affects timing differently.
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Step Sequences

Delays steps

Pausing a sequence with existing subscribers will pause all actions. When the sequence is unpaused, the actions will resume. So if you pause a sequence for a day, you'll have an extra day of delay in your sequence. 

If you pause a sequence for two months then everything will be delayed for two months.

Please be careful. If your sequence is paused for a long time, you may consider removing all subscribers before unpausing it.

Date Sequences

Skips steps

Pausing a date sequence, whether it's a specific date or an account date, will skip any step that should have happened on the date the sequence is paused. When resumed, any scheduled steps will then happen.

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