How Do I Return to My Set Up Tasks?

How to return to your Set Up Tasks and Mapping

There are times when you may need to return to your set up tasks after implementation. You may want to:

  • Update or change employee mapping

  • Update or change policy mapping

  • Verify your domain

  • Upload a new report

  • Check on your integration status

  1. Click the Settings Gear

  2. Click "All Settings"

  3. Click "System Integration" on the left

  4. Choose your list and hit "Setup"

Here, you will see the required setup steps. Use the "Show Optional Configuration" located at the bottom of the page to access Domain Settings, Blacklists, Exclusion Lists, and other optional items:

Once you are done making changes, click "Finish," to return to your Accounts page.

If you need more help, don't forget about our handy little chat icon found in the upper right-hand corner. We are happy to help!