Why Does My Email Have Strange Characters?

Sometimes emails may have strange characters if they are forwarded from one person to another.

Forwarded and replied emails that are not from Fuse are out of our control

When emails are forwarded from one person to another, the person who is forwarding the email may be changing the formatting. This may happen without them even knowing it. Some email clients are known for modifying the code behind an email when replying or forwarding. There is nothing we can do to stop this.

But don't worry, the original email they received usually looked fine in this case.

I received an email directly from Fuse with strange characters

If you received an email directly from us with any odd characters or formatting please let us know immediately. We need three things from you:

  1. A screenshot of the entire email in its original form (not forwarded.)

  2. Tell us what application you are using to view this email.

  3. If possible, give us a link to the original email in Fuse.

With this information, we can use our robust testing tools to replicate and resolve the issue.