Why Am I Missing an AMS360 Customer?

There are several possibilities. Finding the reason makes it easy to fix.

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You're Using an Exclusion Rule

Verify that this customer wouldn't be excluded by an exclusion rule. Exclusion rules are an optional step in the mapping process that allows you to exclude specific types of accounts from Agency Revolution. A common reason for these rules is to avoid marketing to brokered business.

To view your rules, go to your Accounts tap. Click on the ":" menu and select Manage List. Click Setup for your List. Look for Exclusions, it may be under Optional Configuration.

If you don't have any rules listed then don't worry, this isn't the issue.

AMS360 Had Trouble Sending Us Notifications

We rely on AMS360 to send us updates when records are added and created. It's possible there's an issue with AMS360, or the internet had trouble transmitting an update. This is easy to verify, follow these directions.

Your AMS360 Security Permissions Prevent Us From Downloading a Customer

It is possible that you have used AMS360 access controls to prevent the API from accessing certain customer records.

They Are So New It Hasn't Synced Yet

Records can take up to an hour to sync. In most cases, it is within minutes, but it's possible it could take longer.

There's a Bug!

It's possible there's something unique about the format of the data. Or it could be another issue. Send us a message and let us know the Customer No  of the missing record. 

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