Where Does the "Customer Since" Date Come From?

"Customer Since" date is the default date field for our Account Review Campaign

Where can I find the "Customer Since" date?

The "Customer Since" date appears on each Account in two places: once as a specific date and once as a generalized timeframe.

Where does the "Customer Since" date come from?

There are two possibilities, depending on your management system:

  1. If your Agency Management System has a "Customer Since" field, Fuse will use that directly.

  2. If there is no "Customer Since" Date in your management system, Fuse will extrapolate the date based on the earliest policy effective date found on the customer's account, or in some cases based on the "First Written" date on the oldest policy.

How accurate are the "Customer Since" dates?

Generally speaking, the "Customer Since" date will be as accurate as the data Fuse receives from your management system.  More specifically:

  • If your system has its own "Customer Since" date field that integrates into Fuse, and if this field is consistently and accurately populated in your management system, then the Customer Since date will be accurate in Fuse!

  • If your system does not provide its own "Customer Since" field, then the accuracy of this field depends on how much policy history is being received from your management system. For example...
    - For AMS360: Fuse imports all policy instances with expiration dates within the past 5 years, so the oldest "Customer Since" date Fuse can assume is the oldest Effective Date found among policy instances that expired within the past 5 years. This includes policies that were effective before 5 years ago, and expired in the last 5 years, such as Life policies with longer terms.
    - For Applied Epic and TAM: It depends on how many years of policy history you're able to export in your report. Some Epic users, for example, may encounter an export error saying, "this report generates too many records" unless the date range of policies is restricted to the past 1-3 years.

How is the "Customer Since" date used?

The "Customer Since" date is the default date field used in the stock Account Review Campaign.  This is different than a Renewal Campaign which is tied to a specific policy or policies.

When using this field for an account review, it will only occur once per year, on the "anniversary" of the date when the account first became a customer.

Depending on the accuracy of your "Customer Since" dates (based on explanations above), you may also be able to utilize this field for your own unique campaigns targeting customers that have been with you for 5+ years, 10+ years, etc.