PowerBroker EDI Tool for Fuse

The EDI tool lets you see if there are any pending records not sent to Fuse. Review this article for troubleshooting information.

Open the Tool

To open the tool, visit the "EDI" menu option and select "Review EDI Log Database":

The tool shows you records that have been queued up to send to Agency Revolution's servers but have not yet successfully sent. 

Filter to Agency Revolution

Select Limit and then choose "Agency Revolution Upload Files"

What to Do With the Tool

If you are receiving errors when sending records to Agency Revolution, you can select the "Retransmit Agency Revolution File" button to see if the error is gone. This tool is not the best option to resend all records. More information is provided below.

If there are records in this list, it means that there is data that has not yet been sent to Agency Revolution.

You can view the timestamps and records to see what has not yet been sent.

Managing the PowerBroker Sync Tool

  • Synchronize - will send all records, regardless of changes. Takes time.

  • Send Sector Table - will just send the updates to the sector table. Do this if you change this data.

  • Send Industry Table - will just send the updates to the industry table.

  • Correct All Dates - If you're getting date corruption errors this will fix that.

  • Send Changed/New Customers - sends all records modified since the Date Last Sent on the screen. This is what you'll want to do when you want to sync. You can do this by hand or you can configure a scheduled task in Windows to automate this task.

  • Return - exits this screen.


I don't have the latest data in Fuse. I should have more customers.

  1. Make sure you have setup a scheduled task to sync the data regularly.

  2. If you prefer to sync by hand, please hit the "Send Changed / New Customers" as needed

  3. Verify there is nothing pending in the EDI tool. If there is, contact PowerBroker for assistance.

  4. Report any errors to PowerBroker and CC us.