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Where does the birthdate field come from for the Birthday Campaign and can I run it?

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At this time, we do not pull birthdates from the driver section of an auto policy from any agency management system. 

For proper functioning, the Birthday Campaign should always be based on Fuse's Account  > Birthday field or send an email to all contacts.

Below is a summary of where we can get birthday data from the various systems.


Birthdates can sync to Fuse from 2 places:

Additional Customer Info

  1. Go to "Customer Overview"

  2. Click "Edit Customer"

  3. Click "Additional Customer Info" on the left menu

  4. Enter Birthday in the "Date of Birth" field:


  1. Go to "Customer Overview"

  2. Click "Edit Customer"

  3. Click "Dependents" on the left menu

  4. Add or select a Dependent

  5. Enter Birthday in the "Date of Birth" field in the right-side pane:


Birthdates are pulled from the Birth Date field under Individual Contacts in Epic. Fuse supports birth dates for both Primary and Secondary Contacts. Please make sure that:

  • The Contact in Epic is set up as an Individual (not a Business.)

  • The Contact in Epic is populated with an accurate Birth Date.

  • The Contact in Epic is populated with an email address and/or mailing address, depending on the birthday greeting you will be sending.


First and foremost, you must be on Hawksoft Version 3.014 or higher to run the campaign.  Please contact Hawksoft if you are unsure of your version or need to update your version. You can check your version in Help > About.

  • Only the primary account holder in Hawksoft will be receiving the birthday campaign. 

  • If you have used Hawksoft since 2013 or earlier, you'll likely need to do some data migration by hand due to later changes in the location where Hawksoft stores this data.

  • Within Hawksoft, you can create both "Personal Profiles" and "Contact Info."  To run the Birthday campaign successfully, you'll need to enter the "Date of Birth" into the "Personal Profile" of your main contact, then make sure that profile is connected to the correct, corresponding email address under "Contact Info." For a more detailed explanation, please read: Connecting Personal Profiles to Contact Info in Hawksoft.

NASA Eclipse

Birthday for the Primary Contact comes from the "Insured's Date of Birth" field:


We pull the birth date field from PowerBroker directly. If you have data in this field, you can use it to send a Birthday Campaign.

At this time, the Birthday Campaign will only run successfully to the Primary Contact.


To use a TAM Birthdate, you must:

  • In your Name Mapping setup in Fuse, select the option to import name and email from the Primary Contact.

  • Store the birthdate (along with other relevant Contact details) in the TAM Contact record where the Contact Indicator field is set to Primary.

  • The Birthday Campaign will only run successfully to that Primary Contact.

We often have clients who would like to run the Birthday Campaign but don't yet have birthdays in their Contacts section. Setting up Primary Contacts with Birthdates by hand can be time-consuming.  If you want to automate that process, we have worked with a TAM Consultant who's created a utility that can automatically populate data in your TAM Contacts section from the data found in Auto Drivers Policies. Please note that this is a 3rd party provider and not affiliated with Agency Revolution, but we have seen positive results from his work with some of our TAM users. For more information, contact:

Teich Data Services LLC
Randy Teich 512-426-7769


Birthdays are not currently supported for EZLynx.

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