Finding Invalid Email Addresses

Sometimes emails go bad for various reasons. We make it easy to identify these.

If you are using the system effectively you are sending a lot of emails, likely more than one email per customer per month.

Email addresses change over time, mailboxes fill up, or some email addresses just get closed down entirely.

Finding Invalid Emails in Segment Builder

First, navigate to Accounts>>Add Segment:

In the "Add New Rule" modal, click on "Advanced":

For the Rule select "Account," search for "Email Health Status," and select is "Undeliverable":

You will then be prompted to name the segment. Here, you can name the segment "Email Health Status."

Voila! You now have a list of email addresses that you can no longer send to:

You can go through this list by hand and reach out to your customers to see if they have an updated email address.

Automating Agency Workflow

Imagine if anytime an email address went bad in the future your CSR got a notification to reach out to the customer and get a new email. We make that easy! You can find exactly the "Invalid Email Address Notification Campaign" in the Custom Campaign Library under the Other section.

I'll go through the basics here. Leveraging the Segment below we create a Sequence that Matches When an Email Health Status changes to Undeliverable and then we automate sending a brief email to the CSR.