Epic File Review Step and Its Importance

For Epic users, after each time you upload a new report, you may be asked to complete a "File Review."

A File Review occurs after the system has completed its initial processing of the file, but before it has mapped any of the new data into Fuse.

It is crucial that you complete this step as urgently as possible and BEFORE you attempt another report upload. Your newly uploaded data will not appear in Fuse until the File Review is complete!

Due to the frequency of changes in your customer data a File Review will likely be required after every daily upload. In most cases, the File Review Alert will appear within a few hours or less after your latest upload. It will just ask you to confirm whether you want to keep or delete a handful of accounts that no longer appear on your report, usually due to the "aging-out" of your report criteria.

Once again, it is critical to complete the File Review step whenever it shows up on your Fuse alerts. If this step is not completed, some of your account data may inadvertently be lost or may fail to import or update properly, or you may experience problems uploading your data the following day.