Here's a quick guide to adding images to your webpages, and blog posts.

 1. Click within the content section (the section where you place all of your verbiage) of your blog editor where you'd like to insert the image.

2. Click on the "Insert Media" icon. (a paperclip)

3. You'll get the "Image Manager" pop up window, which shows all the files already loaded on to your DIO (website). Click on the "Upload" button with the green plus sign next to it.

4. Click the "Select" button, to navigate your computer and find the image file you wish to insert into your blog post, and "double-click" the file.

5. Click the "Upload" button to upload that image to file to your DIO database.

6. Make sure the image file you just uploaded is highlighted in gray, and then push the "Insert" button.


That's it! Your image should insert into the webpage or blog post wherever you had your cursor within the content section placed.

To change the formatting on the image you've placed: Click Here

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