Using Customer Notation from AMS360

We do get the Customer and Policy Notation values, however, they are encoded

We do have access to the Customer and Policy Notation values. However, if you look at what we have, the values themselves are encoded. The API does not return the friendly text names you are familiar with. But do not fear, this won't stop you from using them. Here's a little process you can follow to put Notation to use.

Notation Values

In the AMS360 Setup Screen, notations values look like this:

There are two types of Notations, Customer and Policy,

However, when we receive the data from AMS360 what we get is this:

This code is a unique value code called a GUID. Unfortunately, there is not "Notation" name that you see in the user interface. 

How to Find the Notation Values

To solve this problem you will need to correlate your friendly Notation names to the GUID's we receive. To do this, look up a customer in AMS360 with the notation you want to target.

Make a note of this customer and then open your accounts screen and search for them.

Click on the AMS360 Data Tab, then search for Notation. Copy the Guide value in green to your clipboard.

Now, go back to the Accounts screen and create a new Segment. We're going to identify people who match the notation id you just copied. 

Select Add Rule, Choose AMS360, Choose the Notation ID field, and paste the value. 

That's it - now you've identified a specific notation group!