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Managing Quotes & X-Dates From Your AMS
Managing Quotes & X-Dates From Your AMS

You can use a new quote trigger to react to quotes from your AMS.

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This article covers how to integrate with quotes generated in your AMS. This is very specific to one scenario, and there are other possible ways to do this. 

Reacting to Quotes

Inside Agency Revolution Fuse's Event Page one of the choices is a New Quoted Policy. 

Choosing this as your Add Event for a sequence will add people with new Quotes to the sequence

What are Policy Quotes?

Policy quotes are policies that come over from your Agency Management System with a policy status of "Quoted" - or the mapped equivalent thereof. If the system you are using allows you to choose Quoted as a policy type then all you need to do is select this. Creating a policy or changing its status to Quoted will trigger this event.

How Do I Tell Fuse What Policy Statuses Are "Quoted?"

Your AMS may let you define which policy types are quoted. For example, some systems let you define the policy status as "QUO." How do we know this is a quoted policy? Easy, go to your list setup page.

How Can I Communicate With These Quotes?

React With a New Quote Event

Create a new campaign, add a step sequence, and choose New Quoted Policy for your event.

Then you can react to each of your new quotes with an SMS, postcard, or email. 

If you want to fine-tune who you target, create a segment targeting the types of customers you want to follow-up with when they have a new quote.

Send a Broadcast Using a Segment

Build a new segment that highlights the quoted policies you want to target. In the screenshot below I am targeting Accounts with Quoted Auto Policies who are not currently active accounts. Think of these as your x-dates.

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