How to Set Up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign

Learn how to set up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign

In this article, we will cover how to set up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign. Watch the video walkthrough below or scroll down for instructions on how to set up this campaign!

Need to send a one-off email instead? Click the button below to learn how to send a Disaster Preparedness email broadcast.

Setting Up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign

To locate the campaign, first, click "Content Library" in the left navigation bar:

Under the "Disasters" section, locate the Disaster Preparedness Campaign, and click "select "Customize":

This will install the campaign to your Custom Campaign Library. Click "View/Edit" to start customizing the campaign:

Determine Your Audience

Next, we will confirm who gets the messages and when. The Disaster Preparedness Campaign targets Active Customers. To audit the segment to confirm who is being targeted, click on "Active Customers" in the "In other words" section:

This will open a new window with the Active Customers Segment that was installed with the campaign. Here, you can confirm that the segment is targeting:

  • "Active Accounts" with a "Personal" client type

  • "Active Accounts" with a "Commercial" client type

After confirming the segment for your group, you can close the window to return to the Disaster Preparedness Campaign Sequence page.

When are people from Active Customers added and subtracted from the audience?

Next up, we will confirm when people will be added or removed from the audience. The campaign defaults to add audience members on an "Ongoing" basis. This means that each year a client is going to receive this campaign and if they ever become inactive they are going to be removed from this campaign. Also, if a new client comes in, they will be added to the campaign right away.

People in the Active Customers segment will be added to the audience every time you sync your management system and removed when they no longer match your segment.


The "Steps" section will show you an overview of the campaign with a list of pre-written emails you can choose from:

By default, each of the emails you see here is disabled so you can pick the one that works the best for your area.

  1. Eye Icon - Click on the icon on the email to see a preview of the email.

  2. Pencil Icon - You can click on this icon to edit the email content.

  3. Gear Icon - Once you select the email that you would like to use, click on the gear icon to enable the email.

  4. Event Date - Click here to select the date you would like the email to send each year.

  5. Trigger Date - This campaign is set to run annually, with January 1st being the trigger date. Note, the trigger date is not when the email will send. The email will send on the event date you select above.

Launching Your Campaign

When you are ready to launch the campaign, set it live by clicking "Launch," on the bottom right corner:

Great job, you've set up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign! If you ever need to edit or delete this campaign in the future, you can locate the campaign by clicking on Marketing>>Custom Campaigns in your left navigation bar.