How to Set Up the Lost Customer Winback Campaign

Learn how to set up the Lost Customer Winback Campaign

Losing a customer can be tough, but what you do next is what matters. Show you care and solicit feedback with this campaign.

Setting Up the Lost Customer Winback Campaign

To locate the campaign, first, click "Content Library" in the left navigation bar:

Under the "Lost Policy/Customer" section, locate the Lost Customer Winback Campaign. There are two versions of this campaign:

  • Quick Start Campaign*: This two message sequence requests customer feedback and invites them to reach out if they would like a quote in the future.

  • Custom Campaign: This is a customizable version of the campaign.

*If you choose the Quick Start Campaign option, you will not have the ability to edit it. You can toggle on this campaign and use our default content.

We will focus on setting up the custom version of this campaign. After you locate the Custom Campaign - Lost Customer Winback Campaign in the Content Library, select "Customize":

This will install the campaign to your Custom Campaign Library. Click "View/Edit" to start customizing the campaign:

Determine Your Audience

Next, we will confirm who gets the messages and when. The Lost Customer Winback Campaign targets Inactive Accounts. To audit the segment to confirm who is being targeted, click on "Inactive Accounts" in the "In other words" section:

This will open a new window with the Inactive Customers Segment that was installed with the campaign. Here, you can confirm that the segment is targeting Accounts with a status "Is Not Active":

After confirming the segment for your group, you can close the window to return to the Lost Customer Winback Sequence page.

When are people from Inactive Accounts added and subtracted from the audience?

Next up, we will confirm when people will be added or removed from the audience. The campaign defaults to add audience members "In The Future." This means that the campaign will add audience members when they match specific triggers in the future. The trigger for this campaign is a Lost Customer Event.

Next time you sync with this new client in your agency management system, it is going to add them to the Lost Customer Winback Campaign!

*You can confirm the trigger is a "Lost Customer" event by either clicking "Add/Edit Triggers," or it will be displayed in the "In other words" section.


The "Steps" section will show you an overview of the campaign.

  1. Wait - 3 weeks from when a customer becomes inactive to send the first email.

  2. Thank you for giving us a chance - This is a farewell email to lost customers that thanks them for their business and requests feedback.

  3. Wait - 6 months from the first email to send the send email.

  4. It's been awhile - This email lets the customer know that you have been working hard to improve on the features that set your agency apart. It invites them to reach out if they would like a quote on their renewal.

  5. Pencil Icon - You can click on this icon to edit the email content or wait times.

Launching Your Campaign

When you are ready to launch the campaign, set it live by clicking "Launch," on the bottom right corner:

Review your changes, and click "Go Live."

Great job, you've set up the Lost Customer Winback Campaign! If you ever need to edit or delete this campaign in the future, you can locate the campaign by clicking on Marketing>>Custom Campaigns in your left navigation bar.