Reputation Management (RM) is designed for you to gather feedback about your business from your client base. You will receive scores to see how you stack up against others in the insurance industry, feedback on what you are doing well and what needs work, as well as push clients to your Google My Business page to leave you reviews for others to see when searching for your agency on Google.

After you have met with an Onboarding Specialist who helped you log in and walked you through the setup steps, this guide will help you if you need to make any changes. You will also find workflows and screenshots of what a client will see. We also provide some best practices for responding to your scores and feedback.


Upload Contacts

  • Click on Upload Contacts on your dashboard

  • Import CSV

  • Click on Download a sample .csv file to see an example of the file you need to create

  • The file format needs to be a .csv, you should be able to run this report in your agency management system, or you can create a list from scratch.

  • These are the fields you can import






If missing, the contact will not be imported

First Name


If missing, the contact will not be imported

Last Name


If missing, the contact will not be imported



Cell Phone


Recommended for Followup though

Address Line 1


Address Line 2






Zip Code


Client Anniversary


Surveys are triggered off this date. If this date is blank, the trigger date will be chosen at random

  • Browse Files, find your .csv file

  • Upload

  • You will be presented with a mapping table. This will allow you to match your data to the fields they should import in Reputation management.

    • Note: If you use the same column headings as the sample file, the mapping will auto-fill for you

    • If column headers differ, you can choose the field from the drop-down

  • Import

  • Your contacts are now uploaded. See Updating Contacts to learn more about adding, deleting, and updating contacts

Configure Landing Page

  • Click on Configure Landing Page on your dashboard; this is all about your company information and branding

  • My Profile: Your name, email, phone number, and title are here. Some of this information defaults when your Fuse account is first set up

  • Company Information: Company Name, Phone, and website

  • Time Zone

    • Eastern - America/New_York

    • Central - America/Chicago

    • Mountain - America/Denver

    • Arizona - America/Phoenix

    • Pacific - America/Los_Angeles

  • Email Theme & Colors: Choose what your emails will look like. You can choose from multiple themes, change colors and add your logo.

  • Social Media: If you want social media links at the bottom of your emails, you can choose which outlets you want, toggle on the platform and paste the link to your account.

  • Email Sender & Signature: The sender is who all of the emails will come from. The footer is optional; many agencies put their address here

  • NPS Configuration: Choose if you want to ask for a Google review during the NPS process (highly recommended). If so, paste the link to your Google Review page. You can find that link in your Google My Business account

  • Company Logo: This is the logo that will show on the landing page that your clients are directed to as part of the NPS process


You are now ready to edit and turn on your Campaigns.

  • Survey Request

    • This email starts the process of getting scores and feedback

    • Emails will be sent on the client’s anniversary date and again 180 days later.

    • If your data doesn’t have a client anniversary date, Reputation Management will randomly assign a date, but the client will receive two survey requests a year

  • Post-Survey Online Review

    • Will send to clients that left a 9-10 survey score

    • Will send three days after the survey is taken

  • Positive Review Message

    • To - Survey scores 9-10

    • Timing - 15 minutes after the survey was taken

  • Passive Review Message

    • To - Survey scores 9-10

    • Timing - 15 minutes after the survey was taken

  • Concerned Review Message

    • To - Survey scores 9-10

    • Timing - 15 minutes after the survey was taken

Editing Messages

All but the initial survey request can be edited if you’d like to change some of the verbiage.

  • You can edit the subject line and the body of the email

  • Highlight a word, and you have some formatting options

  • Choosing the Insert option will allow you to merge customer-specific information

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