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Advanced Segment: Active Policies with No Cyber Liability

How to Create an Active Policies with No Cyber Liability segment

You may want to create a segment that targets active policies that do not have Cyber Liability.

How to Create an Active Policies with No Cyber Liability Segment

To create an advanced segment, first, click "Accounts" in your left navigation bar:

On the Accounts page, click "+ Add Segment," and then click "Advanced":

On the Rule modal, select "Account":

Next, select the "Active Policy Types" field:

Choose "Not Contain", and in the "Select Value" dropdown menu, choose the Policy Type you use for Cyber Liability and click "Ok." Tip: You can start typing in the policy type name to find it more quickly.

You will then be prompted to name your segment. You can name your segment something such as, "Accounts with No Cyber Liability." Click "Ok" when you are done.

Great job, you have now created your new segment!

Adding the Segment to Your Campaign

Navigate to the unlaunched campaign sequence. Under "What group of people (segment) should we start from?" click on the pencil icon:

Under "Who would you like to target" use the dropdown menu to change "any" to "all":

Scroll down and check the box next to the name of the segment you just created.* In the top right corner, click "Done":

* The segment name may differ from the example shown in the image above.

The sequence is now set to exclude accounts that already have an active Cyber Liability policy!