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My Scheduled Daily Report Is Missing a Field From Epic
My Scheduled Daily Report Is Missing a Field From Epic

What to do when a field added to your Epic report does not appear in your scheduled daily report

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If you have recently added a new field to one of your Epic reports (such as your Client List or Policy List Report), it may appear correctly in the exported file when you run an immediate test, but it may still be missing from the file when the export runs on an automatic daily schedule. The reason for this is that Epic's scheduled export jobs do not automatically get updated with new fields that are added to the report later.

How to Correct This Issue

To correct this issue, simply cancel the scheduled export job and then create the schedule again.

  1. To cancel the existing job, in the Epic menu go to Home > Procedures Home > Job Management > Jobs - Scheduled > then select the relevant report and click Cancel.

  2. After canceling the existing job, simply return to the report in "My Reports" and set a new schedule.

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