My Account Producers and Reps Are Not Mapping Correctly from NASA

What to do if the Responsibility or Producer entered in NASA Eclipse is not appearing correctly as the Account Rep or Producer in Fuse.

Are your account Producers or Account Reps not mapping correctly from NASA Eclipse to Fuse? In order for an employee from Eclipse to show up as an Account's Producer or Account Rep in Fuse, the employee in Eclipse must have an email address filled in, and it must be checked as their default email address. This needs to be done under a different part of NASA for Producers versus Accounts Reps.

First, make sure to enter the employee name in the Responsibility and Producer fields in the Insured's "Basic Information" tab:

Next, pull up the employee in the applicable section in Eclipse:

  • For Producers: In Eclipse go to Setup > Producers

  • For Account Reps: In Eclipse go to Setup > Agency Personnel

Select the employee from the list, and make sure their email is entered and checked as their default.

Once these steps are taken, any applicable Producers and Account Reps should automatically be remapped in Fuse after the next sync.