A typical postcard statistics view looks like this. Below is a breakdown of what the statistic categories mean.

number of recipients targeted with postcards
Processed for Delivered
percent of postcards that have been greenlit for delivery at the recipient's nearest postal facility. The mailpiece should reach the mailbox within 1 to 2 business days of this scan event.
Invalid percent of total with invalid addresses detected by our Postcard vendor. You are not charged for these.
Canceled percent of total postcards canceled before being sent to Postcard vendor. This happens if you are pending payment and instead of paying for the postcards you choose to cancel them.
In Transit percent of total that are currently in transit to the local city
Re-Routed percent of total re-routed due to a change of address
Returned percent of total returned to sender.

Common Questions

Are the statistics 100% accurate?
They are good but not perfect. The statistics are completely accurate until we hand off to the USPS. At that point we depend on the 500,000+ employees of the USPS to accurately scan and report their data. 

Why don't the values add up to 100%?
The values mark how many people have hit specific stages. A postcard is likely delivered (or within 1-2 days) if it is either In Local Area or Processed For Delivery We've seen missing scans for some stages, but this is due to the USPS. We carry the data from them to our system.

Why is there no "Delivered" status?
Postcards are delivered first class mail via the USPS. Get know exactly if a postcard had been delivered would require certified mail, which is cost prohibitive.

What am I charged for?
Any postcard that has a valid address and has been handed off to the USPS. (All except Canceled and Invalid.)

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