Whitelisting Fuse's Mail Server

Whitelisting Fuse's mail server helps to ensure emails from Fuse are delivered to your inbox.

Fuse Mail Server IP Addresses


What is Whitelisting and Why Should I Do It?

If you find that internal emails from Fuse are not being delivered to your team, the most likely reason is that your mail server, spam filter, antivirus program, or firewall is identifying messages from Fuse as spam. 

This could be due to:

  • The volume of internal emails sending to your team from your Fuse campaigns

  • Red flags raised by your message content

  • Your mail server's anti-spoofing guidelines (spoofing is when you approve a 3rd party service like Fuse to send email from your own domain - some mail servers automatically block messages that spoof your own domain)

  • Other unknown reasons

99% of the time, the quick solution to this problem is to whitelist Fuse's mail server IP Addresses (see the list of IP's above).

If you're not sure how to whitelist IP addresses, please check with the applicable support channels for your own mail server, spam blocker, antivirus, and/or firewall service.